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Leather repair

State of the art technology

Our state of the art technology allows us to make those unsightly tears, holes, scuffs & bumps disappear and our computerised handheld color matching device allows us to match the existing color to 99.9% accurate, which is undetectable to the human eye.

We use the same technology as many of the largest & most prestigious automobile manufacturers in the world. Not only can we accurately match or change color, but we can also match gloss level perfectly too.

Our pigments & coatings have been proven not to add to the flammability of the textile and are approved for use in the aviation, marine, automotive, commercial & domestic marketplaces.

Color Care's repair systems are not only effective and reliable; they are up to 90% cheaper than the cost of replacement.

Being mobile, we are able to offer our service at your premises and at a time that suits you. Everyone, including Car Dealers (new & used), Hotels, Moving Companies, Restaurants, Insurance Companies, Boat yards & Home owners can use our services.

About us

Leather Care Consultants

At COLORCARE we specialise in providing the most tailored Leather care product solutions available, whether you need an own-brand boxed leather care kit or maybe a colour-matched touch up kit, we can supply it all. We can handle every process from design concept through to final delivery and all for a set price. We are proud to supply care kits to some of the most famous sofa manufacturers, retailers and automotive companies in the world.

In addition to our product division, we also have a European franchise network of repair technicians vastly experienced in all areas of leather, vinyl and fabric repair within the Furniture, Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries.

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Online shop

Safe and easy

We have put together a selection of professional quality leather care products that are mild enough to be used by you, but strong enough to ensure a COLORCARE standard of leather clean. All of COLORCARE’s products can be used on furniture, car interiors, clothing, boats & aircraft interiors, as well as handbags and luggage.

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